Oh man oh man 3 more weeks until I can fuck J’s brains out again

Reblog this if you truly enjoy giving oral sex

On the way to Rochester I saw a van that said BJ QUEEN and I was like “my ride is here”

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My birthday cake.
This is me and perverts. Except instead of a kiss they want conversation and instead of a twenty they send me dresses

I like it not for some woo woo crystals and herbs thing but I just really like humors and fluids

That’s it

Not a fetish or anything I just like them the way you might like picking a scab or swabbing your ears?? Maybe

I also like good sneezes and tears and mucus and semen and whatnot

I like feeling the movement of my insides

There is my gross secret

fuck cramps tho. My hips and thighs always hurt on my period

idk how to answer replies on mobile.

I really kind of like my period.

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